Tooth-colored Fillings

Local dentists have now resorted to the use of innovative tooth-colored fillings to restore their patients' smiles, instead of the metal-based fillings they relied on for several years. Amalgam fillings or metal based fillings were once the only option available for filling cavities, but these had an ugly look and left the patients feeling so self-conscious about their smile. With the emergence of tooth-colored fillings, patients can now be presented with a better solution to fill their cavities while still maintaining a perfect smile.

Tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings, are composite dental fillings, which restore teeth without compromising the natural look of the tooth structure. In order to prevent further tooth decay, patients suffering from oral pain can see their dentist who uses tooth-colored fillings to fill their cavities, hence preserving their beautiful smile.

Alongside restoring the patient's tooth from fracture or decay, tooth-colored fillings can also be used to cosmetically enhance a patient's smile. Interestingly, this composite material can be used to alter the size, shape and color of the teeth. Patients undergo treatment with tooth-colored fillings primarily to close gaps between the teeth, make their teeth look more even, or repair cracks and chips on their teeth.

The procedure involves the local dentist numbing the affected area with an anesthetic. Then any decay in the affected area is removed and the area is cleaned up. An adhesive is then applied after the area has been properly cleaned, followed by layers of the composite material. After the cavity has been well filled, a specialized light will then be used to harden or cure the material in place. Although the procedure usually takes a longer time than the amalgam filling, patients are still able to restore their perfect smile with tooth-colored fillings with just a single dental visit.

Tooth-colored composite filling is the patient's favorite these days, and they prefer this to the amalgam fillings whenever they have to fill their cavities. Instead of metal alloys, which are used in amalgam fillings, composite fillings are basically made up of porcelain or microscopic glass in an acrylic base. Tooth-color fillings are virtually invisible because tooth-colored fillings are the same color as the teeth. For patients who want to restore their smile without the ugly appearance of the metal-based fillings, a tooth-colored composite filling at your local dentist would be a very welcome idea.

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