Are you looking to get a perfect, straight-toothed smile without having to sport unsightly metal braces? If you are, then an innovative new dental technique called Invisalign may be the answer you are looking for. Invisalign allows you to straighten your teeth without having to wear conventional metal-based braces.

Invisalign is much more hygienic than traditional braces because they are removable and have no bands, brackets or wires, therefore allowing you to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis. This is a huge advantage over metal braces, which have been known to contribute to cavities and tooth decay due to individuals not being able to remove food particles that become lodged between the braces and the tooth.

Invisalign can help you achieve a beautiful smile but it may not be a perfect fit for everyone. There are several instances where traditional braces must be used. Because the aligners are removable, they are not suitable for treating such issues as over bites or under bites. They are also not suitable for individuals that require teeth to be spaced further apart, such as those who suffer from overcrowding. Because the aligners fit around the backside of teeth, some people have stated their speech has been slightly affected. It was not noticeable enough however, for them to stop using Invisalign.

Aside from the fears of having a mouth full of metal that may not fit in with their professional work ensemble, many children are also afraid of getting braces. Not only does wearing braces limit a child's ability to eat sticky candy or chew bubble gum like their friends, it can cause them to be picked on by classmates at school.

Everyone wants to have an attractive smile. Studies have shown that the most memorable trait someone notices when meeting someone for the first time is their smile. However, many people shy away from correcting their crooked teeth because they don't want a mouth full of unsightly metal wires and brackets.

With so many positive reviews from happy customers, Invisalign is the best solution for a beautiful smile without the embarrassment and discomfort of conventional metal braces.

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